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August Wedding

Jessie's Wedding is still one of my favorites. The absolute Joy and love that emanated from this couple was something to behold. Every part of the day was influenced by it, and it got me thinking about how marriage is a cross (hold on, bear with me!) and how that is how every one of us is called to take up our cross. With complete ineffable Joy. Watching Jessie get ready at her home in Bethel Park, all of her friends gathered around her, I couldn't help but think of the huge difference good friends make in helping us in our vocations and our path to heaven. And when Jessie saw Jake. DANG. Pure, pure joy. That's it. That is what we are called to. To give our yes to God and respond with joy. The whole day reflected that.

There were so many small details throughout the day, from Jessie's something blue being a piece of her grandmother's wedding dress to her something borrowed being her grandfather's rosary.

And then the Ceremony. A foretaste of Heaven. That much joy and the presence of Christ..... When Jessie's dad gave her away and blessed her, though? That is when the tears started.

And finally, the party! Jake and Jessie had their Reception at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, and the dancing lasted well into the night!

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