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Traditional Latin Mass Wedding Pittsburgh Pa

Andrew and Anne chose to get married at Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish. It was a day filled with reverence, beauty, and love. I attend the Latin Mass Regularly, but this was only my second Wedding in the old rite, and it was the first time I had the honor of shooting one. So this day will be forever special. The rich history and traditions of the Catholic Church were on full display, and the ceremony was a beautiful testament to the couple's faith and commitment to one another.

On top of all of that, Andrew and Anne said their vows to one another while holding to the cross, and I can't think of a more beautiful image. He is their rock, the basis of all that they do, and they turn to the cross as an example and, in the example of Christ, cling to the cross as they begin their vocation of getting each other to heaven. Wow.

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